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Good mental, physical and financial health is vital for us all. That’s why we’re always working to ensure our staff feel supported – through open conversations, social networks and policies that make people feel valued.

Supporting others

Prioritising our people, means prioritising mental health. And it’s something all our employees can get involved in, thanks to the work of our Mental Health Group.

Formed in 2017, this employee-led group aims to destigmatise mental illness through encouraging open conversations and embedding mental health principles across our business. Their Mental Health Supporter’s Programme has recruited over 65 volunteers from across the firm who are trained to provide support and an empathetic ear to colleagues. At the same time, they have engaged with the Samaritans to onboard the ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’ learning programme, bringing the charities’ mental health and listening expertise to our business leaders and senior managers.

“Having personally experienced the benefits that come from getting support, I was keen to give something back, and be part of a group that was there to support others.”

Darren McNaughton,
Mental Health Supporter

What support can you expect?

Mental health

All of our staff have free access to Headspace memberships that support mindfulness and meditation practices, and free confidential therapy and counselling through First Psychology. In 2021, we joined the NHS Charter for "Employers Positive about Mental Health" to affirm our commitment to the mental wellbeing of all our staff.

Physical health

Staying active is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mental resilience. So we have a wide range of sports groups, including yoga, 5-a-side football, cycling and running clubs. Stand-up desks and ergonomic chairs are available to staff, and all employees are covered by the firm’s private medical insurance and offered free flu jabs every year. For our neurodiverse colleagues, we also have a range of software to improve digital accessibility.

Work-life balance

Ensuring our employees have a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important. Since the spring of 2020, Baillie Gifford has learnt that we can work in new ways, which has resulted in us having more flexibility with our working environment than ever before. To read more about our ways of working please click here.

Financial wellbeing

At Baillie Gifford, we constantly monitor the market to ensure our salaries are competitive. In addition, we offer a generous annual bonus to all employees, a 15% employer contributory pension and 34 days’ holiday. We’ll always reimburse any travel expenses to attend an interview and, once you join the firm, we’ll give you a starting bonus that can help with any potential relocation costs. There’s also a team on-hand to help you find a suitable home.

BG: We value our people and right from the start we encourage them to voice their opinions.


Me: I would like to be in an environment where I feel valued and my ideas are heard, even from day one.

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