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Please complete this quiz before you submit your application form. There are 8 questions in the quiz. No prerequisite knowledge is required. Each correct answer will provide a single letter. When combined in sequence these will form an alphabetical password. The letter will either be highlighted in red within the answer, or will be found before the bracket at the start of the answer. We hope you enjoy the quiz! 

Question 1

DNA sequencing allows scientists to map out the human genome. It plays an important role in determining the connections between genes and diseases and can even tell us how individuals are likely to respond to different drugs. Today, our healthcare system is intermittent and reactive. We only go to the doctor when we’re sick, and the doctor can only diagnose a tumour when it’s large enough to be detected. But the doctor’s information is incomplete and outdated. Whilst in the 1950s it was estimated that the body of medical knowledge would double every 50 years, in 2010, that figure was 3.5 years. This means that a medical student that graduated in 2010 has already experienced 2 doublings of medical knowledge, so that what they learnt in medical school only represents a quarter of all there is to know today! Medical innovation today is healthier than it has ever been, and it’s through technologies such as gene sequencing that the promise of preventative and curative therapies will come.

The first human genome, completed in 2003, took 15 years and $3bn to sequence. Today, it takes a few hours and ~$1,000. Discoveries that were unimaginable only a few years ago are now becoming routine. There are a number of exciting companies in this sector which Baillie Gifford clients are invested in. One such company is Illumina, a manufacturer of gene-sequencing machines.

In which year did Illumina customer 23andMe launch its direct-to-consumer genetic testing service?

R) 2010
B) 2012
I) 2007
P) 2004
E) 2015
T) 2003
A) 2008

Key: R,B, I, P, E, T, or A


Question 2

You’re getting on a ski lift at the bottom of a mountain and taking it all the way to the top. There are 200 evenly spaced chairs on the ski lift. The mountain is 400m high and the chairs move at 1km/h. How many chairs will you pass in the opposite direction on your way to the top?

P) 100
A) 50
N) 199
E) 0

Key: P, A, N, or E


Question 3

Which of the following weighs more?

E) The largest cruise ship in the world
V) 27 million labrador retrievers
O) 50 Eifel Towers
T) All the gold ever mined

Key: E, V, O, or T


Question 4

Which answer in the list is the correct answer to this question?

(O) All of the below
(T) Zero of the below
(B) All of the above
(U) One of the above
(E) Zero of the above
(P) Zero of the above

Key: O, T, B, U, E, or P

Question 5

What is the maximum vehicle height allowed through the gate into the private car/bike underground parking garage in Baillie Gifford’s main Edinburgh Square office? (no travel required to answer).

A) 1.6m
N) 1.8m
I) 2.1m
S) 2.6m
R) 3.3m

Key: A, N, I, S, or R


Question 6

I have 4 cards with a number and a letter on each side. I lay them down and tell you that every card with a vowel on one side has an even number on the other. The cards you can see have A, 2, 3, and F face up – which card/cards do you have to turn over to check whether I’m telling the truth?

T) A, 3

I) A, 2

O) A, 2, F

L) A only

S) All cards

Key: T, I, O, L, or S


Question 7

Miss Smith spends one sixth of her monthly salary on groceries, and 3 times as much on rent, leaving her with £510 left over. Calculate her monthly salary.

Key: is the First alphabetical letter of the number.


Question 8

Few companies in the world today spark as much debate as electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. Under the leadership of its visionary, (and controversial) founder Elon Musk, Tesla has over the past 17 years spearfronted the development and adoption of electric vehicles around the world, forcing legacy car makers to invest heavily in their own electric capabilities to keep up. The path has not always been smooth and there’s still a lot to do, but as its production lines have begun to scale, financial markets have rewarded Tesla. At the time of writing it is the largest car maker in the world by market capitalisation. Today Tesla operates more than 200 showrooms around the world. As of the 1st of January 2010 (the year Tesla became a public company), how many did it operate?

R) 10

N) 2

D) 0

T) 100

E) 31

Key: R, N, D, T, or E

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