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I am an ambitious individual right at the beginning of my career looking for a long-established firm who can help make the most of my talents.

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What is Investment Management?

People want to be sure they have enough money to live well after they retire. A company's employees pay a percentage of their salaries into a pension scheme to support their retirement.

These contributions are passed to a pension fund or trust, whose job is to grow the fund. To achieve this, most pension funds use a range of different investment management firms and investments: bonds, property and stocks and shares for example.

At Baillie Gifford, we mainly invest in equities (shares in a company). Our investment teams research potential investment options, seeking out mainly public companies that will grow significantly over a long-term period such as five or even ten years.

We also have a number of non-equity teams that invest in bonds and other assets such as property and infrastructure.

Our long-term investment approach encourages companies to ignore stock market pressure and invest in growth opportunities to develop their services and products, thereby increasing their revenue and profits.

With growing profits, the shares we own in these companies will increase in value over the long term.

This increase in value helps to grow the pension fund and make a positive impact on people's retirement income.

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Early Career opportunities

Graduate Programmes

Investment Research, IT, Accountancy and Business Operations Graduate Programmes.

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Internship and Placement opportunities in Business Operations, Application Development and Technical Infrastructure.

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Modern Apprenticeships for 16 to 24 year olds.

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Recruitment events

For more detailed information about the events we’re attending please visit the website for the relevant university or organisation.

Bright Networks Festival, London


University of Stirling ICAS Event


Heriot Watt University ICAS Event


University of Glasgow Careers & Internships Marketplace


Scottish Graduate Recruitment Fair


GradIreland Graduate Careers Fair


University of Strathclyde ICAS event


University of Edinburgh Careers Fair


North of Scotland Careers Fair, Aberdeen


University of Dundee ICAS event


University of Birmingham Autumn Careers Fair


University of Manchester Big Careers Fair


Heriot Watt University STEM & Business Careers Fair


University of St. Andrews Careers Fair


Bright Networks Proud 2 B, London


University of Oxford General Careers Fair


University of Cambridge Graduate Schemes & Internships Fair