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What is Investment Management?

At Baillie Gifford, it’s the process of investing money on behalf of charities, pension funds and other savings institutions. Done well, we generate returns and the value of the original investment increases. So, in the very long term, charities, pension funds and individuals benefit from the increased capital created, allowing them to meet life aspirations such as funding an education or having sufficient retirement income. It’s also a primary source of funding for the innovation and infrastructure that drives societal progress.

There are many investment companies, and many different approaches to investment. At Baillie Gifford we invest mainly in global equities, i.e. shares of companies all over the world. Contrary to the image some hold of the investment industry, we don’t believe our job is about anticipating the behaviour of other investors, furiously buying and selling stocks. Rather, our more fundamental role is to understand what’s changing in the world.

We consider the possibilities that arise from new technologies and ideas, and work with the companies and entrepreneurs who are shaping all our futures. We take a long perspective: the process of effective investment takes time and patience, and should benefit society rather than come at others’ expense. The atmosphere on our investment floor is quiet and thoughtful.

Success in investment management is not measured by the year-to-year profitability of our own firm. It’s about delivering positive outcomes for all our clients. If we do this well, in the long run our business will take care of itself.

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